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Our goal is to elevate your brand and tell its story effectively across all media platforms. Your brand is vital to your success and we can help leverage your competitive advantages with superb graphic design, video production, and more!


We continually identify and analyze lead sources’ performances. This allows us to utilize those that perform well and refrain from using those that do not.


Our relationships with lead generation organizations and marketing vendors allow us to advocate for our clients and extend negotiated discounts.


Watch your company grow and your reputation flourish with our team of experienced recruiters. From 1 hire to 100 hires, we’ve got you covered.

Reduce turnover with our referral, rehire, and retention strategies. Each plan is tailored to fit your brand and growth goals despite any unique challenges.

At the core of any brand is a strong online presence, complete with digital content and services. Our Social Media Team creates custom content and monitoring strategies that maximize dollars spent and organic reach from your social channels.


Add an additional revenue stream and avenue of brand recognition with our comprehensive e-commerce and merchandising service. All these products are printed on demand, so there is no unsold inventory.


With over a decade of experience working with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), we are confident in recommending one that fits your company’s unique processes. Our partners will help you realize the full potential of applicant tracking software with customized support and advisory.

Fusion Now will negotiate pricing based upon your fleet size and needs.


  • 4,000,000+ active drivers across multiple ATS platforms
  • Highest quality and most efficient driver hiring experience
  • DOT-compliant, mobile-friendly DOT applications
  • Endless opportunities for efficiency and growth


From job descriptions to taglines, Fusion Now has the creative bandwidth to deliver custom copy for all your writing needs.


Let us keep a pulse on your metrics for success. Fusion Now provides a centralized dashboard to monitor campaigns all in one place. This portal tracks engagement, likes, follows, and demographics for all social platforms and paid campaigns.


Our highly skilled and experienced team of developers will carefully craft custom websites and landing pages to elevate your company’s online presence.

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