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ATS Advice from the Fusioneers
In the competitive world of driver recruiting, having an efficient Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is...
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Fusion Now Partners with Next Generation in Trucking Foundation to Revolutionize Education with Video Curriculum 
Fusion Now is excited to announce our partnership with the Next Generation in Trucking Foundation...
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Crushin' your goals? Here's how to achieve even more wins while your fleet is full!
If you’ve hit your fleet growth goals, it’s important to evaluate your marketing budget and determine...
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Is there ‘false advertising’ in your fleet’s driver recruiting process?
This article appeared originally, here, on the NTI website. Our CEO Lane is featured in said article,...
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Freightbull finds a partner
Freightbull is a successful expedited carrier that has seen significant growth as a result of their team’s hard...
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Success is sure with VASCOR
VASCOR Transport is a client that has experienced significant success with Fusion Now’s assistance....
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Coming up with Carrier One
Fusion Now has a long-standing partnership with Carrier One, one of our valued clients in the transportation...
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Now, the Next Generation in Trucking
A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting Lindsey Trent and her daughter at the Accelerate! Conference...
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Greyhound Acquired by Flixbus
The Fusion Now Processing Department is abuzz with news of Greyhound being purchased by its new parent...
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A Woman's Best Workplace
We’re proud to announce that Fusion Now has been nominated as a finalist of Women in Trucking’s...
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Roadcheck, anyone?
If you work in the transportation industry, you have probably seen it everywhere. Tomorrow (May 17th)...
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The Legend of Skillman Trucking
The archives of Skillman Trucking were unearthed when our very own Heather Jewell rediscovered her Grandma...
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