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ATS Advice from the Fusioneers
In the competitive world of driver recruiting, having an efficient Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is...
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An Open Letter of Recommendation 
From Brad Hackett, Director of Recruiting and Retention at Nova Lines  I am writing to recommend...
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Don't be shy, use AI
Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of marketing. From analyzing consumer data...
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Success is sure with VASCOR
VASCOR Transport is a client that has experienced significant success with Fusion Now’s assistance....
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Coming up with Carrier One
Fusion Now has a long-standing partnership with Carrier One, one of our valued clients in the transportation...
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Six reasons why SEO is so important
Still not showing up where you want in search results? Here, you’ll find six reasons why search engine...
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Why should you revamp your website?
The answer to the question is six-fold and simple. An updated website is vital for any business in today’s...
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Stop Social Engineering Attacks
Every 11 seconds, a ransomware attack happens to a business or government organization. Social engineering...
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Christmas Gift Unboxing
The holidays are here! This year, Fusion Now gave gifts to friends and partners worldwide. Here, we’ll...
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Now, the Next Generation in Trucking
A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting Lindsey Trent and her daughter at the Accelerate! Conference...
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Dos and Don'ts of Digital Assets
Do you own your Digital Assets? Companies that don’t run into all sorts of problems throughout operating...
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Beyond Social Media Monitoring
It’s no secret that social media is an excellent tool for marketing your company. But did you know that...
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8 Tips for Good Video Call Vibes
With everything online, including every video call you find yourself attending several times a day. Although...
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Need to ditch Facebook?
“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” once said a very wise person. This advice is a one-line parable,...
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