Reagan Payne

Senior Leader, Communications
Reagan Payne is a Communications Leader, constantly creating unique content to help our clients and ourselves stand out amongst the crowd. With extensive experience developing advertising campaigns and directing photo and video shoots she stands ready to write relevant updates for this blog.
ATS Advice from the Fusioneers
In the competitive world of driver recruiting, having an efficient Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is...
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An Open Letter of Recommendation 
From Brad Hackett, Director of Recruiting and Retention at Nova Lines  I am writing to recommend...
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Unlocking Maximum ROI with Any Budget
In today’s competitive business landscape, businesses across all industries are building to achieve...
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Unleashing the Power of Authentic Experiences in Ad Copy 
Working in marketing consistently presents new challenges, no matter which end of the industry your team...
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From the desk of a Social Media Content Creator
As a social media content creator, one of my main goals is to help my clients’ posts stand out...
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Marketing vs. Advertising
Advertising and marketing are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they are not one and...
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Fusion Now Partners with Next Generation in Trucking Foundation to Revolutionize Education with Video Curriculum 
Fusion Now is excited to announce our partnership with the Next Generation in Trucking Foundation...
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Crushin' your goals? Here's how to achieve even more wins while your fleet is full!
If you’ve hit your fleet growth goals, it’s important to evaluate your marketing budget and determine...
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Is there ‘false advertising’ in your fleet’s driver recruiting process?
This article appeared originally, here, on the NTI website. Our CEO Lane is featured in said article,...
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Freightbull finds a partner
Freightbull is a successful expedited carrier that has seen significant growth as a result of their team’s hard...
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Don't be shy, use AI
Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of marketing. From analyzing consumer data...
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Success is sure with VASCOR
VASCOR Transport is a client that has experienced significant success with Fusion Now’s assistance....
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Coming up with Carrier One
Fusion Now has a long-standing partnership with Carrier One, one of our valued clients in the transportation...
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Six reasons why SEO is so important
Still not showing up where you want in search results? Here, you’ll find six reasons why search engine...
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Why should you revamp your website?
The answer to the question is six-fold and simple. An updated website is vital for any business in today’s...
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