An Open Letter of Recommendation 

From Brad Hackett, Director of Recruiting and Retention at Nova Lines 

I am writing to recommend Fusion Now’s Recruiter On-Demand and RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). Nova Lines has been working with the Fusioneers for several months now, and we have been extremely impressed with their work. 

Recruiter On-Demand has played a pivotal role in helping us hire dozens of drivers during our collaboration. The Fusion Now Recruiting Team has showcased a profound understanding of our program and our team; consistently delivering high-quality candidates that align with our requirements. The entire team is not only professional but also exceptionally responsive, always going above and beyond to help us meet our recruiting goals. 

Beyond the tangible recruiting results, what sets Fusion Now apart is their commitment to excellent communication. The Fusioneers have established a rapport with us, providing consistent feedback on our process and performance. This open line of communication has been invaluable, and the team’s willingness to help us improve has greatly contributed to our success. 

In reflecting on our partnership, it’s evident that Fusion Now is more than just a service provider; they are true collaborators in our recruitment journey. The dedication and expertise of the Recruiter On-Demand service have been instrumental in enhancing our hiring processes. 

In conclusion, I am very grateful for this partnership and highly recommend Fusion Now’s Recruiter On-Demand and RPO service to any company seeking a reliable and effective recruiting solution. 

As we move forward, I anticipate continued success in our collaboration and am confident that Fusion Now will continue to be an invaluable asset to our recruitment efforts. The dedication and commitment demonstrated thus far have solidified our trust in Fusion Now’s capabilities. With their support, I am optimistic about achieving even greater milestones in our future recruitment endeavors. 


Brad Hackett
Director of Recruiting & Retention
Nova Lines

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