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Unleashing the Power of Authentic Experiences in Ad Copy 

Working in marketing consistently presents new challenges, no matter which end of the industry your team is on. This week, my team and I were introduced to our first Plumbing Services client. While many Fusioneers (our term for employees of Fusion Now) work on projects for a wide range of industries, the plumbing industry was new to me. 

When I met Chris, our point-of-contact, we reviewed their current services and goals. From there, we decided together how our team at Fusion Now can best support their marketing efforts. My team quickly got to work on creating ad copy and graphics, all aimed at exceeding business growth goals. 

At Fusion Now, we create ads in-house. This gives our team collaboration on the copy, which undergoes careful consideration and any necessary rounds of revision. Finally, we send the completed copy to our graphic designers to create something “thumb-stopping”. 

The same week that I was introduced to a new client, a plumbing disaster struck my own life. My brand-new sink in my recently renovated kitchen was not draining well. I tried a few at-home solutions, ultimately with no success. Finally, my husband called a plumber near us in Southern Indiana. 

(P.S. If you live in Kansas City, keep MacWilson Plumbing in mind!) 

When the plumber arrived, my clogged sink was finally diagnosed. The water line under my house needed to be replaced; the water had been flowing uphill in an attempt to drain. 

This experience truly put me in the shoes of my client’s target audience. Our unfinished advertising materials focused on specific services that the client performed, like water and sewer line repairs, or excavation. We realized the reason that a customer calls a plumber is for expertise. When your DIY attempts are unsuccessful, trust the professionals! 

Rather than focusing on the service provided, we show how our client solves your pipes’ pain points. After my plumber left, I hopped onto a call with my team about my experience and we overhauled our marketing materials, focusing more on solving problems without offering solutions. Who cares what it takes to unclog your drain? The professionals take care of it, all the same. 

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This blog was written by Haley, Marketing Strategy Leader at Fusion Now. 

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