Crushin’ your goals? Here’s how to achieve even more wins while your fleet is full!

If you’ve hit your fleet growth goals, it’s important to evaluate your marketing budget and determine how to allocate those resources to maintain current levels of success… or even continue to grow further! 

Here’s how to keep things rolling while your trucks are all seated:   

Invest in driver retention 

It’s always more cost-effective to retain existing drivers than to acquire new ones. You can use your marketing budget to develop loyalty programs, personalized communication strategies, and other initiatives to keep drivers seated.  These strategies can help increase the average length of time a driver is on your fleet, and overall increase their experience with your company and thereby your brand’s reputation.  

Explore new marketing channels 

Just because your team has met its growth goals doesn’t mean it should stop experimenting with new marketing channels. The world of marketing is constantly evolving, and companies should continue to explore new opportunities for reaching drivers. For example, if you are focused on social media marketing you could try out influencer marketing or experiential marketing. 

We’ve seen time and time again that when carriers meet their goals, they slow down the spending and the strategizing. Then when it’s time to ramp back up and hire again, it takes much more effort to get leads and hires rolling in. It’s always in your best interest to not pull back too much budget and take this time to review your data and trends on the quality of your leads & hires to see what’s been working best for you, build on that, and find your next best direction. When it is time to hire again you have the leads because you didn’t stop spending and you also know exactly how to get those quality drivers hired even faster.

Mea Carter, Manager of Special Projects

Increase brand awareness 

While your trucks might be seated today, as we all know, things in transportation change rapidly. Continuing to increase your brand awareness is vital to “leveling” the ups and downs of driver retention and recruiting throughout the year. A portion of your marketing budget can be allocated toward increasing brand awareness through initiatives such as public relations, content marketing, and event sponsorships. 

Increasing your brand awareness helps with long-term recruiting and retention success. Putting an emphasis on growing your brand and making your carrier a household name for drivers will benefit you immensely when you do have open trucks available. Plus, it attracts higher-quality drivers!

Heather Jewell, Director of Marketing Strategy

Focus on employee advocacy 

Your drivers and office staff are your best assets. Investing in internal communication and engagement initiatives can help employees feel more connected to the company’s mission and values. This can lead to a more enthusiastic and authentic brand representation across all touchpoints, and it can help drive further growth and success.  

If you have achieved your growth goals – congratulations! It is certainly time to celebrate, however, it is important to note that there are equally as many lows in driver retention and recruiting throughout the year.  

Let Fusion Now help you evaluate your marketing budget and allocate resources towards initiatives that can help maintain current levels of success or even drive further growth. Whether it’s investing in retention, exploring new marketing channels, increasing brand awareness, developing new products and services, or focusing on employee advocacy, there are many ways to strategically allocate your marketing budget for continued success. 

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