Freightbull finds a partner

Freightbull is a successful expedited carrier that has seen significant growth as a result of their team’s hard work and ours. The company has consistently seen net positive fleet growth and reduced driver turnover, which is crucial for the sustainability of any carrier. 

One of the keys to Freightbull’s success is its owner, Stan, who is a former driver himself. He has a clear perspective of a driver’s viewpoints and concerns and works tirelessly to provide quality experiences for his drivers and customers. Fusion Now stands ready to support this effort in all opportunities. 

One campaign that helped Freightbull showcase its understanding of the complex situations drivers face on the road was the #OnTheRoadAgain campaign. As Stan, his wife Nina, and their dog trucked across the United States, he provided our team with videos and photos along the journey, which we used for a social media campaign that showcased the live journey. 

Fusion Now’s marketing team also implemented a full-stack strategy to improve Freightbull’s brand image, including website updates, video production, content creation, social media monitoring, email campaigns, and print materials. We have also helped Freightbull streamline its recruiting and processing departments, going from a 3-week processing time to 2 days, which drivers appreciated. Our team transformed a spreadsheet into an efficient Tenstreet account and handled everything from travel to orientation. 

We are dedicated to helping carriers like Freightbull find, hire, and retain drivers. To learn more about how we can help your carrier, send us a message at

This article was written by Reagan Payne, Communications Leader at Fusion Now.

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