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Success is sure with VASCOR

VASCOR Transport is a client that has experienced significant success with Fusion Now’s assistance. Their manager, Tim Justus, has noted how our team’s efforts have positively impacted their day-to-day operations, with social media posts, in particular, boosting the carrier’s online presence by nearly 500%. 

Our work does not end there, as we pride ourselves on being an extension of any client’s team. We work alongside our clients to accomplish all the goals that their company aims to achieve, with a focus on great work and congenial culture being the two most important ingredients in each of our partnerships, so that real change can be made. 

Since the start of our partnership with VASCOR Transport in August of 2021, we have helped grow their fleet by 85%. This is significant at a time when there is a driver shortage, as a number of carriers are struggling to keep up. By showcasing what assets a carrier already has and aiming ads at the right drivers, we make all the difference. 

The biggest challenge we faced in 2022 was hiring drivers, but that’s where Fusion Now comes into play. We could not have grown without them. They helped us reach our goals and fixed every challenge we found along the way. We went from 150 trucks to 250 within a year, all while lowering turnover because of the Fusion Now team hiring better drivers for us. Everything that has worked in marketing and recruiting is because of them.

Tim Justus, Recruiting Manager at VASCOR

VASCOR utilizes the entirety of the Fusion Now team. Lead Generation is best supported by our internal team of graphics designers and copywriters, while Recruiter On-Demand is best informed by our team of Social Media Monitors, delivering hot leads as they comment on VASCOR Transport posts. Each of these platforms is measured by FusionCast, a user-friendly portal that allows VASCOR to see all the most important metrics in one place. All questions and future project requests are voiced to Austin, their Fusioneer on the Marketing Strategy Team so that changes can be made instantly so that online messaging is always accurate. 

How we do it

Justus is glad to have chosen the Fusioneers as a perfect extension of the VASCOR Transport team. Each month, VASCOR utilizes Fusion Now products including Lead Generation, Custom Email Campaigns, FusionCast, Recruiter On-Demand, Content Production, and Social Media Monitoring. To get the Fusioneers on your side, send us a message at 

This article was written by Reagan Payne, Communications Leader at Fusion Now.

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