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Stop Social Engineering Attacks

Every 11 seconds, a ransomware attack happens to a business or government organization. Social engineering attacks are one of the main techniques used to target people in your organization. Here is how they happen and how to stop social engineering attacks: 

“The social engineering method I see the most is email phishing. Phishing has been around for decades, but with the threat of ransomware, it has become even more pervasive and dangerous.

Chris Stewart, Director of IT at Fusion Now

Social engineering attacks are a type of online attack that manipulates people’s behavior. These attacks take many forms and work effectively at tricking people into compromising sensitive information or providing access to private systems. 

Spear phishing, for example, is extremely dangerous. These hackers build trust with an individual, then aim to receive a click on their malware-infected link or have the victim complete an information-compromising task. Preventing these is vital to your organization’s protection. 

Here’s how we stop social engineering attacks 

Chris (quoted above) implemented regular training and awareness messaging to educate your organization about the risks and how to avoid these attacks. As a result of this, I personally reach out to him each time I think someone is trying to hack me on Instagram. As hackers’ methods are always evolving, we must remain ready to defend ourselves from attacks.  

One of the most effective ways to defend against social engineering attacks is to implement strong authentication requirements. This includes using multi-factor authentication for all systems and accounts of interest and limiting access to sensitive resources. 

To take additional measures, Chris sends out regular reminders and alerts about the latest threats and scams in our All Fusioneers chat.  

“You should have clear policies and procedures for handling suspicious emails and other communications, as well as establishing a system for reporting any suspicious activity.” 

Chris Stewart, Director of IT at Fusion Now

In addition to these, an IT team should install firewalls and intrusion detection systems to protect any company against cyber threats. Implementing security measures such as encryption and security protocols to protect sensitive data is also vital to your company’s protection online. 

Defending against social engineering attacks requires a combination of technical and non-technical measures, as well as a proactive and comprehensive approach to managing online risks. By educating employees, implementing strong authentication and access controls, and utilizing effective technical defenses, any organization can effectively protect itself against social engineering attacks and ensure the security of its sensitive information and systems. 

This article was written by Reagan Payne, the Communications Coordinator at Fusion Now.  

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