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Now, the Next Generation in Trucking

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting Lindsey Trent and her daughter at the Accelerate! Conference and Expo by Women in Trucking. While people of all ages are welcome at this event, Trent was among the few to bring such a young counterpart. Ella (age 12) watched as her mother owned the stage, leading the charge to bring the Next Generation in Trucking to their fullest potential.

A woman driving purpose in others is the best role model a young girl can see. Although the conference was not about drivers alone, they are at the heart of Trent’s mission. “At the core of Next Gen Trucking is introducing the next generation to the great trucking industry,” said Trent. “It only made sense that I brought my daughter along and introduced her to the amazing ladies who are the backbone of our industry. I was honored to be one of four finalists for the Most Influential Women in Trucking Award.”   

Throughout my entire career, conference rooms have asked, “How do we get more drivers into the trucking industry as a whole?” Next Generation in Trucking is the answer. Launching CDL training programs across the United States, being a resource to people in search of a new beginning, and providing honest insight into the industry are the three pillars of the non-profit trade association. 

Partnership with Next Generation in Trucking

Fusion Now, with our ears to the ground, caught wind of this solution to everyone’s problems. We believe in Lindsey Trent’s mission to introduce this fantastic industry to the youth of this country. Our Board of Directors decided to become Founding Sponsors of the non-profit. We stand behind Next Generation in Trucking and look forward to the progress we can see together. 

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This article was written by Reagan Payne, a Fusioneer who attended and spoke on a panel at the Accelerate! Conference and Expo by Women in Trucking. 

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