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Dos and Don’ts of Digital Assets

Do you own your Digital Assets? Companies that don’t run into all sorts of problems throughout operating and growing their businesses. 

Do: Use real photos and videos of your trucks 
Don’t: Rely on stock websites 

This not only shows drivers what to expect but adds a professional level of polish to each piece of content you publish. Obtaining these evergreen materials enables endless customization and utilization of your media. 

Stock website photos are overused. Drivers have seen the nameless white truck driving through the golden sunset one too many times, so use your own people and trucks! 

Do: Have several logos approved for use 
Don’t: Rely on one logo for all graphics 

Graphics vary from project to project. Having light and dark versions of your logo allows our Marketing Production Team to showcase your brand, no matter the background. 

Some companies opt for 4+ logos, but two will do just fine. Different images call for different colors for optimal visibility. 

Do: Stay consistent with brand standards 
Don’t: Use different colors and fonts on every post 

While not every post should look the same, a loyal viewer should be able to name your company’s posts without a logo present. Of course, we’ll keep the logos… but let’s keep things uniform! 

Making recognizable content gets viewers (no matter who they are) excited to see you on their screens again. If your posts are relevant, you’ll do just fine in this day and age of social media. 

Do: Own your domain and hosting accounts 
Don’t: Ignore technology problems 

If you’re unsure about this, reach out to the party who made your website. Ensuring you own these is important for your online investment security. 

Many business services or other third-party partners require website domain or hosting connections. If these are housed outside your own organization, stay in touch with this provider. Technology problems lose leads and should always be resolved promptly. 

Do: Construct a user-friendly website 
Don’t: Forget to optimize for mobile 

Your company’s most valuable marketing asset is its website. Other platforms’ marketing efforts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, all lead to the brand’s website.  

Everyone’s pockets are buzzing with smartphones. For daily internet use, people are abandoning bulky computers and laptops in favor of “palm-friendly” mobile phones. A survey found that there are 4.66 billion active mobile internet users worldwide. The use of mobile phones is skyrocketing all over the world. With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, ignoring mobile optimization and avoiding mobile phone users would be a bad idea. 

If you want to grow your business digitally, make sure your content and visuals, as well as image, video, and text formats, are mobile-friendly. Check that your website is mobile-friendly and functions properly on tablet and smartphone screens. Make sure your marketing campaigns and tactics are tailored to mobile internet users. 

Don’t ignore your digitals! To talk with one of our Marketing or IT professionals, fill out the message form at 

This article was written by Reagan Payne and Stephanie Davis, Fusioneers on the Marketing Strategy Team. They create and edit client content, including social media deliverables and websites.

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