8 Tips for Good Video Call Vibes

With everything online, including every video call you find yourself attending several times a day. Although you are not seeing these people face to face, it is still important that your body language is inviting and that you communicate with others in a professional manner. 

Here are 8 tips for good video call vibes:

  1. Be a supportive attendee
    • Don’t let your facial expressions run wild. Every expression tells a story; let yours be a friendly one. This is especially important when you are listening to others and are in “passive” mode. Don’t think you can leave your facial expressions unattended – they could be your downfall. Put a concerted effort into looking engaged and open to the speaker’s points. Try and relax and genuinely enjoy being in the moment.
  2. Show your best posture
    • Sit up straight. Your upper body is visible to everyone, so energize your spine and show that you are being attentive. Great posture also promotes confident vocal expression. Always put your best upper-body gestures forward, especially when meeting via webcam.
  3. Maintain eye contact
    • With eye contact, we can feel more connected and less intimidated.  It is hard to maintain eye contact during a video call because it does not feel natural to look into the camera during a call. People look at the other person’s image on their display, or sometimes even look at their own image. When you’re not talking, keep distractions to a minimum and give the speakers your full attention.
  4. No fiddling
    • Quickly checking your phone, checking your emails, playing with a pen, fiddling with your hair, or even adjusting your tie can distract anyone on the screen. Stay focused!
  5. Make your own notes
    • Have a few notes prepped before the call to make sure all items are discussed. You can also use this preparation tool in the meeting by taking notes along the way. This can be useful for you and your entire team when working together in the future.
  6. Camera positioning
    • For optimal appearance in a video conference call, you should place your webcam just above your eye level and angle it slightly downward. You should mount it no higher than your hairline. If the camera is too low or high, the angles can exaggerate your facial features and distort your appearance. Let everyone see the real you!
  7. Set up a good light
    • Lighting is best from the front, not behind! Put the brightest light source in front of you—or at a 45-degree angle. If you want to make an investment, get lighting equipment for your work setup. These tools help you find the proper lighting and will ultimately help you look sharp in every meeting.
  8. Company-branded background
    • Don’t miss an opportunity to present you and your company in style by creating a unique virtual background. This will build brand recognition and show off some of your team’s skills instantly. Let your background make a statement! 

P.S. Try to make sure no one can see your shorts on camera!

This article was written by TJ Wilson, Fusion Now Director of Strategic Business Growth. TJ leads by example in all things, especially video presence.

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