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Need to ditch Facebook?

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” once said a very wise person. This advice is a one-line parable, applicable in almost all situations. If Meta floats down the river (taking Facebook and Instagram with it), what lead generation channels do you have left?

The Meta social media platforms offer a wide pool of leads to advertisers in any industry. The fact is: most people use Facebook. 71% of people in the US have a Facebook account, according to Statista. While Meta ad policy changes are not news in 2022, the constant turbulence impacts lead flow. If your driver pipeline is suffering, it’s time to diversify your lead generation platforms. Time is money, sink or swim; whatever your parable…

Here’s how to “ditch” Facebook:

  1. Establish accounts on auxiliary social media platforms
    • There are many other online platforms with paid advertising. Other online communities can offer more specific audiences and better engagement. Video-based platforms offer over 1 billion users in viewership, quickly climbing to rival Facebook’s audience size. 
  1. Other online placements
    • There is more to the internet than social media networks. Your audience still reads news articles, plays games, and even shops online. Having a healthy mix not only diversifies your marketing mix but keeps you at the top of their minds. 
  1. Explore locally sourced traditional avenues
    • Print ads, also known as “analog,” can still work in select markets. This establishes brand awareness and the most loyal of leads via the original marketing channel: word of mouth. Plus, these ad prices are fixed, and the pages printed last a lifetime. 
  1. Reach out to your team
    • Punching up referral and retention incentives can save you from dealing with the Facebook fallout for now. Making the people you have proud is the ultimate strategy. Let them tell you what they need. 

Wondering where to go from here?

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This article was written by Reagan Payne, Fusion Now Communications Coordinator.

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