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8 Tips on Producing Videos that Stand Out

Standing out on any social media platform takes a lot of planning and practice. Here are our 8 tips on producing videos that stand out to your audience!

8 Video Producing Tips:

1. Invest in the correct equipment – Investing in the right equipment is essential to producing a video that grabs attention. Whether the tools you need are a camera and editing software or the perfect prop, being prepared is most important. 

2. Write an outline – Your video needs an outline (and sometimes even a script) to provide it with direction. Use this to create and convey your message and ultimately accomplish your goal. This can also allow your team to estimate how long the video should be.  

3. Consider your video background – When taking a video, you should consider everything that will be in the frame. Nothing should be visible without intention. With just a plain white background, there’s nothing else to draw the viewer’s attention but the speaker. A clean background works well for both live-action videos and animation. If plain backgrounds don’t appeal to you, it might also be nice to add simple, decorative elements to your video’s background that are relevant to the subject matter or create your desired atmosphere. 


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4. Stabilize your video – Viewers can quickly distinguish between a handheld camera and one that is mounted on a firm surface, even if your videographer is a steady-handed Operation master. Investing in a tripod or gimble is an easy way to instantly elevate the quality of your videos.  

5. Manage your on-screen presence – It’s crucial to consider your on-screen appearance if you plan to appear in videos. Nothing on or about your person should be there by chance, just like the video background. 

This means you need to think about what clothes you’re wearing, how you’re standing or sitting, and how you’re delivering the message on camera. There are many great tips and tricks you can use to improve your on-screen presence. 

6. Record crisp audio – A professional video isn’t all about the way it looks. Your audio must be perfect, too. This means no auditory distractions, like traffic noises or fuzzy sounds in the background. Pure, clear audio is what viewers want.  

7. Frame everything perfectly – Shot placement matters. There’s a basic film principle known as the rule of thirds that is very useful when framing objects in your video. 

To understand the rule of thirds, imagine or use a 3 by 3 grid over your shot. Here are some examples: 

Make sure your most important objects are placed in the locations where the lines cross the frame, especially where they meet. These areas will draw the most attention.  

8. Shoot from different angles – Professional videos almost never consist of a single shot. This is due to the possibility that having everything captured in a single shot could appear intense and possibly boring to viewers.  

Moral of the story

Producing videos, especially good ones, can be intimidating to anyone with limited experience. Here at Fusion Now, we have a highly decorated team of video production individuals working consistently on client projects. 

Use our tips or use our team! Check us out.

This article was written by Stephanie Davis, a member of the Social Media Team at Fusion Now. She produces content and engages with audiences online to drive conversions.

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