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7 ways to take your photos to the next level

With technology evolving daily, having a full-blown camera setup in your pocket has become the norm! Instead of tinkering in the settings for hours, check out our curated tips to really give your photos that extra bit of pizazz!

Our 7 tips for your photos:

  1. Less is more
    • While we all want to capture as much as possible, too much can often leave the viewer feeling distracted and overwhelmed. Keeping the subjects down and focusing on a single one, while also eliminating distracting elements can really help you convey the main subject.
  2. Turning on grid lines
    • This can help center your composition and keep it looking uniform and symmetrical
  3. Keep a simple color palette
    • Colors that are monochromatic or complementary always make a beautiful shot!
  4. Switch it up
    • Most of us have a cookie cutter idea of taking a photo: Take out the phone, aim from chest height and press the shutter 10 times.
  5. Playing around with fundamentals
    • Low angles, reduction of distracting elements, and implementation of the foreground can really make the image pop. Your foreground can include flowers, arches, tree branches, or anything else that you can use as a type of frame in a sense.
  6. Reflections are your friend
    • Why not take advantage of the world’s original filter? Looking at a cool tree you want to capture? Why not take a picture of it from the puddle a few feet from it? Puddles, icy surfaces, mirrors, reflective window displays, and even a nicely polished car can all work!
  7. Get inspired
    • Viewing others’ work is a great way to get ideas for your own photos! Save your favorites and add them to a mood board for later. is a great place to find photos.

These are just some tidbits that we think will give you the best bang for your buck, right out of the box! Playing around with exposure, ISO, focus, post-processing, and Lightroom are just a few more ways you could tweak your photos and really take them to the next level!4

This article was written by Trajan Iliev, a member of the Marketing Strategy Team at Fusion Now. He worked in transportation for many years and uses his artistic abilities to dive head-first into marketing. 

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