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Top 6 Tips on Fostering Engagement

Your social media content can be top-notch, but engagements are not always promised. The right people need to see your posts to foster engagement.

Top 6 Tips on Fostering Engagement:

  1. Infiltrate social media groups
    • Join groups related to your target and share relevant information from your page. For companies competing in industries like trucking, joining Facebook groups is crucial for getting wheels turning.
  2. Don’t just post your own content
    • Sharing other reputable brands’ content (if they are not competition) is a wonderful way to differentiate your posts. Positioning yourself as a reliable source will create a loyal following that is rich with engaging users.
  3. Find small-scale influencers
    • Find effective promoters within your already-existing audience. Users see themselves in the person or brand they interact with online. Partnering with someone who already has your audience’s ear is a no-brainer.
  4. Use interactive content
    • Polls and surveys are more accessible now than ever; valuable data is found in answers to simple questions. Plus, people love to share their opinions online. Starting a conversation with the right demographic will have your company’s post popping up in newsfeeds across all the right screens.
  5. Challenges and prizes
    • Never underestimate the value of a compelling prompt or freebie. We all remember the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, soaking the internet during the summer of 2014. David Dobrik is famous for giving away Teslas to random followers. Your strategies do not have to be as widespread or extravagant, but actions like these start conversations.