Greyhound Acquired by Flixbus

The Fusion Now Processing Department is abuzz with news of Greyhound being purchased by its new parent company: Flixbus.  

What does this mean for your orientation process? 

Currently, Greyhound has an online ticket retrieval portal, requiring only your passenger’s last name and Confirmation/Reservation number to access activated tickets. Entering this information will produce a PDF ticket.  

On July 18, 2022, a new process will go into effect that requires all tickets to be printed by either your company or your traveler.  

All Greyhound travelers, whether booked by E-Quest, ATS, phone, or bulk spreadsheet, can use this link to save their tickets to their smartphone. It is always recommended that each traveler has a printed copy of their ticket as a backup! 

Our Processing Team has made note of all the changes released by Greyhound and will continue to operate smoothly. If you have questions about these changes or processing in general, please reach out! Our team stands ready to answer your questions and assist you with all things processing! 

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