Roadcheck, anyone?

If you work in the transportation industry, you have probably seen it everywhere. Tomorrow (May 17th) begins the 72-hour CVSA International Roadcheck 2022!

Extra, extra, read all about it!

This highway survey includes weigh and inspection stations, roving patrols, and temporary inspection sites throughout North America.

These inspections range in level, but the organization announces an area of focus each year. Last year, CMV (commercial vehicle) Inspectors narrowed their scopes on Hours of Service and lighting violations.

Tomorrow, Inspectors will focus on an issue that accounts for 25% of all-time out-of-service violations: wheel ends. Here’s a comprehensive list of wheel end checkpoints:

  • Cracks or unseated locking rings, studs, or clamps
  • Bent, cracked, or broken rims on the inside and outside wheel rims
  • Loose, broken, missing, or damaged wheel fasteners and elongated stud holes
  • Spoke wheels for cracks across spokes and in the web area or slippage in the clamp areas
  • Hub for lubricant leaks, missing caps, or plugs
  • Inner wheel seal for leaks
  • Tire and valve stem for leaks
  • Proper inflation, cuts, and bulges on all tires, including the inside tire on a dual set
  • Regrooved tires on the steering axle
  • Tread wear and measure major tread groove depth
  • Sidewall for improper repairs, such as tire plugs
  • Exposed fabric or cord
  • Tire contact with any part of the vehicle
  • Markings on the tire that would exclude its use on a steering axle
  • Debris between the tires
  • Tires touching one another or any part of the vehicle

How our clients prepare for Roadcheck

It truly is as simple as letting your drivers know. Giving them a heads up on something that will impact their day helps them feel prepared and can even avoid delays. Want to be even more prepared? Here’s the CVSA cheat sheet!

Communicating effectively with your drivers (or any target audience) means reaching them where they are. Whether they only read texts, open emails, or scroll TikTok, make sure your people hear you. Our clients utilize our social media services, email newsletters, and text blasts to keep their drivers informed.

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