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Fusion (is) Now (a .io) 

The company formerly known as Fusion Now Agency has assumed the new name of just: Fusion Now. We also have a funky new top-level domain: .io 

Our organization evolved to be so much more than just a marketing agency. We function as true partners to our clients and work with them to solve their problems. Our network of solution-creating Fusioneers expanded and drove us to rethink how to present ourselves to the market. We want to fully understand our clients and their unique set of challenges, fusing our network of solutions we drive change and forward movement with the power of NOW.

Lane Williams, Founder & CEO of Fusion Now

Fusion Now remains committed to driving growth by continuing to solve problems across a broad set of industries. Whether your needs are in marketing, recruitment, or just growth, we are positioned to help you achieve your goals. Our updated brand allows our client-facing image to match who we really are.  

What’s with .io? 

The ever-popular .com is what’s known as a generic top-level domain (gTLD). These are the most popular and familiar types of domain extensions. Although .io began as a different type of top-level domain (a ccTLD), Google now acknowledges its extremely broad audience and usage by classifying it as a gTLD.  

Fun Fact: In 1998, Levi Strauss & Co. registered the domain as the first web address under the ccTLD .io. 

Because of the growth in popularity of the .io TLD, it had to “rebrand” in a sense. The .io services not only those floating through the British Indian Ocean but users of all needs. Fusion Now has simplified our brand in the same sense. 

The computer science abbreviation I/O or IO stands for input/output. This represents the communication of any information system and the flow of any business relationship. Our Fusioneers communicate fluidly within our company, as well as with our partners and clients. Whatever you input, we output ten-fold.  

We are Fusion Now, and we can be found at

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